Advertise is an effective place to advertise your events as well as your business or organization! The calendar is a powerful cross-promotional tool that can help you reach NEW audiences. Of the 3,000+ site visitors each month, about 60% are on Kauai, 20% are on Oahu and 20% are on the mainland; locals are using the site and future visitors are using it to plan their vacations! 

Hands-down the BEST part of online advertising is that with Google Analytics, you can see your actual results. Unlike with print or radio advertising, you won't have to wonder how many people saw or heard your ad... you can see exactly how many impressions and how many clicks your ad garnered. Because there's much less overhead expense, online advertising is also MUCH more affordable than traditional print and radio ads!

Between Featured Ads (that scroll across the top of the calendar homepage), Featured Venues, Tags, and Banner Ads, there are multiple ways to get eyes on your business, your organization, and/or your specific event. Package deals and trades are available.

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